What is soaring?

Soaring is an integral part of vaping. Soaring is the action of inhaling vapor from an electronic cigarette or vap device. Vaping imitates smoking, but in a safer way.
Vapor is formed by heating and evaporating a special flavored liquid for electronic cigarettes. Such liquids differ in taste, texture and nicotine content, however, nicotine may not be included.
Each user chooses the liquid he likes according to his taste.

What is vape?

Vape is most often called a vape device or a set for beginners, but this is not entirely true. Each device has its own name, which helps not to be confused when communicating.
A vap device is a pocket electronic device designed to generate and inhale flavored vapors. This is a technological solution from nicotine addiction and tobacco smoke.
The user can stop using nicotine or control it. This is similar to the effect of using nicotine gum or plaster, but with a familiar sensation and action as if pulling a tobacco cigarette.
The first electronic cigarettes were devices that looked very much like ordinary tobacco cigarettes. They were developed by a Chinese engineer Hon Lik and produced by Ruyan.
In China, such models went on sale in the early 2000s, and in Europe and America - since 2007.
A lot of time has passed since then and modern devices are divided into various categories, have a diverse design, body shape and technical characteristics.
But the main purpose remained unchanged.

How to the device work

All devices for vaping work on the same principle: from the power source (battery pack) voltage is applied to the heating element (coil), which heats up and evaporates the liquid in a small chamber (atomizer).
The user then inhales steam through a small mouthpiece (drip type).
The device works only in the collection, individually no component for vaping will not give the desired result.
Despite the fact that experienced bathers often assemble their kits (setups) on their own, novice users are advised to stick to the starter kits from the manufacturer in order to be sure of full compatibility.
A battery pack is a battery device that typically uses lithium-ion batteries.
Such devices can be of various shapes and sizes and have several names - pod-systems, vape-pens, electronic cigarettes, pipe-mode or fashion and box-fashion (from left to right in the image above).
The term "mod" appeared from the word "modification", when users independently modified their devices to achieve greater power.
Currently, this is not necessary, because modern devices have a wide range of technical characteristics and functions.
Some of them are more advanced and allow you to change the power (variwatt), voltage (varivolt) and temperature (thermal control).
The rest have automatic configuration or lack of these functions, but do not require technical understanding from the user.
The power level in vape devices, as a rule, indicates ease of operation, as well as the experience necessary for safe use.

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