Acronis OS Selector is a special software utility which is a part of Acronis Disk Director 11 Home. Acronis OS Selector lets you install and multiboot several. Troubleshooting guide for issues with Acronis OS SelectorThis article applies to: Acronis Disk DirectorAcronis OS SelectorIntroductionThis article will guide you. What the issue may be related to and how to overcome itSymptoms[[Acronis OS Selector]] fails to load with Starting Acronis Loader or with an endless loop of.

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In Edit Operating System Properties window go qcronis Disks and make the target disk first in the boot order: This article will guide you through troubleshooting following possible issues with Acronis OS Selector:. You are reporting a typo in the following text: Cause The most probable cause is that the partition on which Acronis OS Selector was installed has been defragmented. Video or photos of the acroniw including the errors. Problems with copying the OS may appear during one of the following operations:.

In Operating systems menu, right-click on the CD or on Boot from floppyif you are installing eelector floppy and select Properties in context menu: Remove previous versions of Acronis Disk Director.

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Acronis OS Selector: Troubleshooting Guide | Knowledge Base

Installation of Acronis OS Selector requires a reboot. Hit Proceed to start the installation: I owned Acronis Disk Director Acronis OS Selector will be able to find all the supported operating systems installed on the machine.


If the physical location of these files on the hard drive changes e. Remember that you should choose the appropriate operating system to boot after the uninstallation the operating system under which Acronis Disk Director is installed ; Run the installation once again in Custom mode and choose the created small partition as the installation path; Reboot the computer and never defragment that partition. Reinstall OS Selector in case is helps.

As always for such installations I tried the following on an empty harddisk: See Acronis Disk Director 11 Home: If the OS fails to boot, first of all check the message you get during the boot proccess and troubleshoot accordingly.

During installation, the Windows bootable part will be automatically placed on the volume that you marked as active using OS Selector. Acronis Version is currently not installed, for the problem with existing Comments.

46992: Acronis OS Selector: Troubleshooting Guide

The operating system itself will be left intact. If you want to install a new operating system from floppy and floppy is not present in the Operating Systems list, create a new Boot from floppy item: By setting the target disk to be the first, you will force the boot part of Windows to be installed on that disk so that the new operating seector can boot, even if the first disk is damaged or removed.

But when I now want to selectlr any of those 3 Windows versions I get the error message translated from german:. It detects their system folders and files and loaders, allowing to boot into these OS. You can add other folders here or remove the existing ones.


Acronis OS Selector: Deleting One or Several Operating Systems | Knowledge Base

Therefore the release notes cannot cover Windows Install OS Selector on different drive to resolve the issue. What could be the problem? Installing additional Windows OS on a separate volume To install a new Windows operating system on sekector separate volume, do the following: Installation and Acronis Disk Director 11 Home: Installation of OS Selector the the logical selectkr.

Deleting the entire operating system If your objective is to delete an operating system from the machine, use the operation Delete and tick off the Delete the operating system directories checkbox in the confirmation dialog window: Bought and installed ADD 12 a week ago.

Acronis Disk Director 11 Home: I have not used Acronis Disk Director Was this article helpful? Click Typical to install on the system partition, or Custom to install on a different partition: Have you installed Acronis Disk Director aceonis in Windows 7? There are cases when you may need to get rid of unwanted operating systems on the machine.