Editorial Reviews. From School Library Journal. Grade 7 Up—Fans of Pierce’s medieval Bloodhound: The Legend of Beka Cooper #2 by [Pierce, Tamora]. A sequel to Terrier, Bloodhound continues the tale of Rebakah Cooper. Shortly afterwards Beka rescues the scent hound Achoo from being maltreated by her. Beka is the ancestress of George Cooper, his children and grandchildren; Eleni When finishing Bloodhound Tamora Pierce herself didn’t know yet if Beka.

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I DO like that Farmer. I’d already been waiting years for this to come out, and even waiting a few months until the release date at the end of April was making me fidgety.

Though I never liked Alanna’s father anyway and I guess you can’t blame a person for the actions of an ancestor. This makes it easier for her, as her way to and from watch is shorter.

They arrive at the beach, where Master Farmer shows he has great talents by creating a light within stones with quatz crystals for use as a torch and found two slave ships recently sunk under the water. This was my least favorite of the Coop The king’s only son is kidnapped, and Beka Cooper and her partner Tunstall are charged with finding him. The following section contains spoilers about Mastiff. But the ending was bittersweet.

In her first week on duty they begin the habit of meeting every morning for having breakfast to which everyone contributes something. When I was 8 my family moved to California, where we lived for 6 years on both sides of the San Francisco peninsula.


And when the action gets moving, these books are un-put-downable. A gixie is a very young girl while a mot is a woman.

There is not a single thing that doesn’t happen for a reason. Don’t have a Kindle?

She was stupid in most ways but just smart enough to evade capture for a long enough period that the book was interesting. It is as Beka is facing these feelings that Lord Gershom appears at her door. I’ve already raved about Farmer so much that I almost think I’m cheating on Numair for it. Mastiff is the third novel in Tamora Pierce ‘s Provost’s Dog trilogy, about a young Provost guard-woman in a fantasy kingdom called Tortall.

I know it will be worth it when I can finally read it but its been such a long wait!! It’s also interesting that King Roger began to take an interest in his kingdom when he married Jessamine. Lady Teodorie is Gershom’s wife and dislikes Beka for too many reasons.

I could walk bold for the man who had taken my family out of the Cesspool. The next morning, Beka’s companion Pounce, a constellation in the form of a cat, wakes her before dawn.

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bekka It’s a very evil way to use up time when I should be doing other things. So before you go getting all hacked off at me for trashing your favorites, know that I’ve written GoodReads to find out what’s going on. Achoo is now my all time favourite dog ever!!! I’d’ve been surprised AND I would’ve bought it.


Bloodhound (Legend of Beka Cooper, book 2) by Tamora Pierce

I like to think if it had I never would’ve put it down and thus would have finished it much sooner. We’re cheated out of it. The ending felt really rushed, the book as a whole was kinda choppy. Their acquaintance with Dale and Hanse—both of whom coopeer met at the Bread Riot—helps them with getting accustomed to the nightlife in Port Caynn and introducing them to all the popular places.

Because I haven’t read those books at all. The Gentle Mother religion is gaining a foothold. Dec 02, Miss rated it liked it. Bloodhuond 28, Ashley rated it liked it.

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The almost total absence of characters like Erskan, Goodwin, and Beka’s rogue friends lessens the books ability to provide a satisfying conclusion to the series. Other also join later on such as Beka’s childhood friend Tansy Lofts.

The Black God is their death god. I can’t believe the release date has been pushed back yet again !!