Nothing in Jean-Ovide Decroly’s early life would have led to a forecast of a career cities, Decroly discovered the human, social and educational abandonment. Ovide Decroly () is een belangrijke Belgische onderwijshervormer die wereldwijd wordt geroemd om zijn opvoedkundige ideeën. Ovide Decroly. LC. Laia Cunill. Updated 27 March Transcript. OVIDE DECROLY. BIOGRAFIA. CENTRES D’INTERÈS. ANTECEDENTS. – Rousseau.

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In the context of his educational principle of organism-environment, Decroly understood that biology, psychology and pedagogy were interrelated. The “higher” the civilization, the “higher” the values and civic responsibilties of the members of the society. In order to favor children’s constructive freedom of expression the educational environment must be designed, arranged and organized according to their developmental instincts, needs and interests.

Decroly’s pedagogy is not individualist. Belgian educators Belgian educational theorists births deaths Belgian psychologists People from Ronse Psychologist stubs Belgian people stubs. Yet allowing the growing child complete ‘freedom’ meaning ‘responsible freedom’ can and does encourage children to express their favorable tendencies, to be civil, polite, considerate, sincere, loyal, tolerant, kind, generous, self-disciplined, thoughtful, cooperative, hygienic, careful, industrious and so on.

If we return to the essential character of an animal society, we note that the interaction experienced by the members of the group leads to a coordinating interaction. To fully understand the child one must address the ‘whole child’.

Ovide Decroly

According to Decroly, the traditional school program was preoccupied with the aim of general knowledge education for all children. That was his great merit. In the process of effectively learning the required content of the subject matter, the child learns how to think. Decroly bjografia these conclusions on the basis of his profound, healthy, and vigorous sense of reality.


University of Brussels, l Liboie, L. Furthermore, in the normal development of cerebral mechanisms for sane and intelligent thought processes, the effective functioning of the neural circuits in the higher brain or cerebrum requires proper impulses from the lower brain which functions in the processing of information from the senses Footnote from Korzybski.

Biografia de Ovide Decroly | VIP | Pinterest | Curriculum and Education

The method is a biological model centered on the needs of the biografa organism for adaptation to the natural and social environment.

Their observation extends beyond their immediate natural and social environment. The educational principles of Decroly are based on the concept of the biological interrelationship between organism and environment.

Dewey – “How We Think” Global perception and mental activity l’activite globalisatrice. Holt, Rinehart and Winston He claims that ‘with complete adjustment of humanity to the social state, will go recognition of the truths and actions are completely right only when, besides being conducive to future happiness, special and general, they are immediately pleasurable, and that painfulnessnot ultimate but proximate, is the concomotitant of actions that are wrong.

As they are on different levels, they cannot be compared. The child experiences this interattraction particularly for other children. According to his pedagogical principles, the subject matter is organized into three main categories which correlate with the three stages of mental activity, namely observationassociation and expression.

The pupil succeeds more quickly with the mechanism which allows him to write short spontaneous sentences on the subjects of his own observations biogrzfia feelings. This wholistic view of the child ovlde with his clinical experience and scientific investigation of the child were the predominant personal features which influenced his formulation of a psychopedagogical ‘method’ of education.

In l9l0 it was transferred to a rural setting in Uccle, Brussels where it continues to function today. Decroly’s pedagogy is not designed to be of service to some state, regime or political doctrine, but is based on the biological and social needs of children. He is best known as a highly influential pedagogue and the pioneer of fecroly pedagogy.


Decroly ” by P. He spent the following year in Paris studying neurology and psychiatry.

Furthermore, with the method called “lecture globale”, the child acquires a large number of words and enriches his spoken vocabulary, develops his speech biogrsfia improves his elocution and spelling.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Il s’est pose la question suivante: He recommended a new ‘method’ of education. Decroly and the biological model: Going further than intellectual work, scientific theory and advice, he created a school based on his own conceptions and scientific knowledge.

He asked himself the following question: The future of a people depends on the organization and the influence of the school ” C’est de l’organization et de l’influence de l’ecole que depend l’avenir d’un peuple.

Ovide Decroly – psychopedagoog

Finally the subject was conceived in terms of problems explained by precise observation, hypothesis and experiment. The adult stage represents the synthesis of the preceding morphological, physiological, and psychological stages.

These are exercises of association in time, traditionally referred to as ‘history’. The animal asociations which result from interattraction range from the group to the society. Spencer parallels his theory of the biological function of pleasure with a sociological theory.

Children cannot be treated as a group for the implementation of some philosophical doctrine. Ovide Decroly et la Psychopedagie: The Decroly method as a logical innovation because it is reasonable Proper emotional development needs love