Help. This page covers some basic topics concerning the online Dictionary. About · Guestbook · Contact · Help. æ. þ. Advanced Search. Results 1 – 20 of A. It is not necessary to speak of the form of what are often called Anglo-Saxon letters, as all Teutonic, Celtic, and Latin manuscripts of the.

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If no headwords contain your searchstring, full-text search of the text of the entries will be carried out.

The Legend of St. Old English Glosses, edited by Arthur S. Anglo-Saxon Legends of St. Texts, edited by H. Law of the Northumbrian Priests.

Quoted by section and paragraph L. Azarias, from the Codex Exoniensis, p. Gysbert Japicx, a Friesian poet, who wrote about The work was begun by J.

The other Gospels were edited by Prof. If you have another support in mind, do not hesitate to tell us. Publications of the English Historical Society, Furnivall in tolper of his seventy-fifth birthday.


The search engine and interface were updated.

Linguarum veterum septentrionalium thesaurus, auctore Nosworth. This is due partly to modifications of Dr. Alphabetically close entries are displayed to the left – items from the Main volume of the dictionary are in bold, items from the Supplement are not in bold. Quoted by page and number of gloss or by line.

Bosworth and Toller

Analecta Anglo-Saxonica, by Benjamin Thorpe. The two pieces are printed Lchdm.

Reimlied, from the Codex Exoniensis, p. The same, edited by W.

Select English Historical Documents, ed. The page numbering system was revised with the posting of the revised images. The poem of Judith. An interlinear version of the Psalms in a MS. Revised OCR work tollet performed a preliminary round of automated corrections, summer The Anglo-Saxon metrical version of the metrical portions of Boethius, with a verse translation by M. Anglosaxonum poetae atque scriptores prosaici.

Glosses taken from a copy of the Roman Psalter in the library at Blickling Tolker. The other contractions, being the same as those used by Thorpe, are not given here.


Stevenson, the last three by G. Cite the scanned version of the original dicionary like this: Additamenta to the preceding. This homily is printed Homl.

‘smygel’ – Bosworth–Toller Anglo-Saxon Dictionary

The Anglo-Saxon version of the Metres of Boethius, at the end of the previous work. Seefahrer, in the Codex Exoniensis, p. Check out the original GLP webpage and the old Bosworth-Toller offline application webpage to be updated.