Documents Similar To Monster Manual – Creatures of Rokugan by Azamor. Oriental Planescape – D&D 2nd – Monstrous Compendium – Appendix 1. Documents Similar To Oriental Adventures – Creatures of Rokugan. Oriental d20 – Redhurst Academy of Magic – Student Handbook (OCR). Uploaded by. Creatures of Rokugan – Shape-shifting tricksters. Creates of Rokugan is organised like the official d20 monster books and use the same.

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Creatures of Rokugan is yet another monster book.

Creatures of Rokugan

The text density in the book is fairly high, similar to WotC supplements. Legend of the Five Rings 2nd Edition. Level Based Earn XP and level up. For some reason, the Rokugan version is listed as a fey creature I would have pegged it as a monstrous humanoid, as OA did with the Tengu, but perhaps the designer felt it important for all creatures from the spirit realm of Sakkaku to be fey.

Creatures of Rokugan Shape-shifting tricksters. Basically this is the strongest part of CoR and a whole 8 pages long Creatures of Rokugan introduces over new creatures and 7 templates. The introduction has a short story and a variety of new rules that apply to the creatures described herein. A player needs only the Player’s Handbook and Oriental Adventures. They’re ready for you.

Tags separate by space: A few creatures, however, crearures feats that you don’t recognize. This book is designed to work either as a supplement for Rokugan, the d20 Companion for Legend of the Five Rings, or as a sourcebook of exciting new monsters for any d20 campaign. Gaki can take the shapes of insects, and appear in a variety of forms.

Reset Fields Log in. Legend of the Five Rings 3rd Edition. The prestige classes, and many of the templates, are more specific to Rokugan than most of the other material here, and you have to accept that there are all-new types of things like outsiders, for example, to make use of them, but otherwise Ov have no reservations in recommending this book for someone who wants more — and slightly different — monsters for any campaign.


There are different varieties, such as tosekiki, which are catapults constructed of animate bone and with a literal arm for the arm of the catapult. Tuesday, 18th February, Also contains advanced rules for playing Naga, Nezumi Ratlingskenku, goblins, and other strange races as player characters, as well as new feats and prestige classes for monstrous characters.

As a silver lining, some just some Each type has different rokugann and capabilities. Creatures of Rokugan runs about 22 cents per page, which is a bit high for a book of this size, and similar to the smaller WotC classbooks. Yet, in one of the few deviations from the guidelines, it has the wrong hit dice type for a fey.

Add tags Tags separate by space: I was surprised when I did a page count as the book feels rather hefty; the book appears to be printed on rather heavy paper. And seeing how short shrifted and cluttered some of the creatures in the main part are being presentedthat is inexcusable!

Powerful oni that can be summoned – but not controlled – by maho tsukai blood sorcerers. Tuesday, 13th May, The first appendix addresses characters. One thing I appreciated a lot about these creatures is that many ov them strongly suggest or even demand a solution other than combat. Oni and elemental Terrors. Creatures of Rokugan did a good thing, I think, in retaining only one interior artist for the entire book.


Creatures of Rokugan | RPG Item | RPGGeek

Some other entries, like the Shadowlands madman template, or the lying darkness template, are very campaign specific, and may not work for everyone without significant rejigging of the background and possibly many fo the creature’s abilities as well.

Sure, some of his work isn’t as good as other pieces, but overall, the consistent quality and style really helps, when books by companies like White Wolf and Wizards of the Coast for example, both delight and at the same time frustrate by their widely varying styles crewtures quality of their art. This is primarily concerned with two elements: I found the illustration for the mokumokuren especially interesting.

But then again, AEG has produced some outstanding supplements for L5R so it might be worth its price. But as is implied in the Rokugan book, many naga have character levels.

Creatures of Rokugan | L5r: Legend of the Five Rings Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Following the creature listings are a series of templates, for ghosts Goryos – pretty nice and useful, much could hgave been done by providing similar templates for more ghost typesa naga-aberration of very limited use Therefore expectations were high! Posted By Abstruse Thursday, 27th December, A monster sourcebook for Oriental Adventures.

But while it is obvious that they put a lot of effort into the Rokugan D20 book, one wonders if they can keep it up. If the book failed on that front, frankly, it failed completely to be useful to me. Cristina McAllister Jim Pavelec.