Galula described his experiences in two books, Pacification Galula’s Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice is. Summary of Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice By David Galula Summary written by Brett Reeder, Conflict Research Consortium Citation: Galula, . operations citing David Galula’s theory. In his book, Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and. Practice, Galula sets a clear mark for planning future COIN.

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A free and open online daivd that takes a complexity-oriented approach to frontier-of-the-field issues related to intractable conflict. There is also much in it to make me think how massive a political failure the Iraq war I have been doing some studying up on warfare and counterinsurgency warfare in particular, and this is one the most basic and essential texts on the subject. Customers who bought this item also bought. How may it be said that these two cannot exist together? I’d highly recommend it for anyone interested practkce the topic.

Although clear, straightforward and persuasive, this book isn’t just full of good news – of particular importance is the observation that “the counterinsurgent is tied to his responsibilities and his past Published August 30th by Praeger Security International first published It is only undisciplined troops who make the people their enemies and who, like the fish out of its native element cannot live.

The United States faces very different enemies today. He distinguished himself by applying personal tactics in counterinsurgency to his sector of Kabylieat Djebel Mimoun, [5] near Tigzirteffectively eliminating the nationalist insurgency in his sector and earning accelerated promotion from this point.

Counterinsurgency Warfare Theory An Practice: David Galula: : Books

Weakness of the Counterinsurgent. That this was one of the original such guides, written by coujterinsurgency man who had observed and experienced counter-insurgency from North Africa, to Southeast Asia, and China, is why it has become an interesting vounterinsurgency source in its own right.

Such programs are often based on reason, and will be relatively ineffective in the early stages of an insurgency when “passion is the prime mover,” but as the conflict progresses and the pragmatic implications of the war warfqre the “the prime mover,” rational programs which improve the lives of the populace will become highly persuasive. Set up, by means of elections, new provisional local authorities. Galula resigned his commission in to study dqvid the United Stateswhere he obtained a position of research associate at the Center for International Affairs of Harvard University.


This ensures that soldiers do not have to constantly relearn the cultural nuances of a local area. There’s a problem loading this menu right now. Reading it, so much of what Galula talks about seems so obvious now, but that only stands as evidence of how seminal a book it is in the field.

War in European History. Galula, based on his experiences in the French Army during the end of colonialism, put his experiences to paper in this initial work on the theory of counterinsurgency.

Counterinsurgency Warfare provides the template for the defeat of today’s insurgents and terrorists. From the “father” of COIN doctrine. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

The development of these programs requires a coordination of efforts on the part of the counterinsurgency. For him, propaganda can be no more than a secondary weapon, valuable only if intended to inform and not to fool.

Summary of “Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice”

Recently the same theories have been revived by the US Department of Defense, tempered by our experiences in Afghanistan and post-war Iraq, and incorporated into Field Manual”Counte I first read Colonel Galula’s book many years ago, counterinusrgency preparation for my assignment in Vietnam. The counterinsurgent reaches a position of strength when his power is embedded in a political organization issuing from, and firmly supported by, the population. Galula lays out both the theory and practice galkla insurgency and coutnerinsurgency in the most succinct prose and complete prose of any work available.

Such direct action should only be attempted when the insurgent’s cause in not popular, the counterinsurgent has the legal authority to act, and significant publicity of such action can be prevented. Written in the style of an army-guide, its insights are so basic to our modern understanding of counterinsurgency that it is difficult to see what the fuss is about.


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David Galula

While counterinsurgents are powerful, they are obliged to uphold law and order, which limits their potential action. He died in of lung cancer. The First Area as a Test Area. Strengthening the Political Machine.

Summary of “Counterinsurgency Warfare: Theory and Practice” | Beyond Intractability

A victory is that plus the permanent isolation of the insurgent from the population, isolation not enforced upon the population, but maintained by and with the population. This book is, perhaps, the most definitive manual for an initiate in the founterinsurgency of counterinsurgency.

Shortly before retiring he wrote Counterinsurgency Warfare: If you have any professional or personal interest in insurgency or counterinsurgency, this is a “must read”. Each of the steps is to be undertaken in a specific area consistent with the fourth law and then repeated in other areas as necessary. Content may not be reproduced without prior written permission. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

Much of what I have to say are merely reflections of an amateur observer. I first read Colonel Galula’s book many years ago, in preparation for my assignment in Vietnam. Views Read Edit View history. Establish contact with the population and control its movements in order to cut off its links with the guerillas Destroy the local insurgent political organizations Set up, by means of elections, new provisional local authorities.

Concentrate enough armed forces to destroy or to expel the main body of armed insurgents. Such a belief reveals lack of comprehension of the relationship that should exist between the people and the troops.