Sep 28, s manual for a Toshiba DKTSD, in particular, we need to know how to use the voice mail feature. Preview Microsoft products. Toshiba. Here is the link where you can get the manual, Please make sure you have an adobo acrobat reader installed on your PC. Here is the link. Digital Telephone User Guide and the Add-on Module and Direct Station Selection . DKTSD (button model equipped with a LCD and a speakerphone.

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Table of contents Table Of Contents How To Use This Guide Chapter 1 – The Grand Tour Digital Telephone Models Chapter 2 – Features Before You Begin Automatic Line Selection Ringing Line Preference Making An Internal Call Making An Outside Call Incoming Call Notification Account Code Calls Attendant Console Calling Automatic Busy Redial abr Automatic Callback acb Bgm Over Telephone Speakers Call Forward Modes Using Call Forward Buttons Using Access Codes Call Forward-all Calls Call Forward-no Answer Remote Destination Change Call Park Orbits Call Park Nanual Page Directed Call Pickup Call Transfer With Camp-on Direct Inward System Access disa Disa Calls – Internal Disa Calls – External Direct Station Selection dss Buttons hotline Do Not Disturb dnd Door Lock s Door Phone s Isdn Outgoing Calling Ddkt2010-sd Waiting Light On [pdn] Off-hook Call Announce oca Do Not Dkt201-0sd Override dot2010-sd Toll Restriction Override All Call Page Release And Answer Saved Number Redial Speed Dial-advanced Features Feature Access Codes Speed Dial Number Linking Linked Speed Dial Example Chain Dialing Speed Dial Numbers Two tandem Co Line Connection Voice Mail Integration Call Forward To Voice Systems Chapter 3 – Lcd Operation Control Buttons Soft Key Display How To Use Soft Keys Soft Key Prompts Busy Lamp Field blf Display Call Park Orbit List Display Messages, Memos, And Name Display Silent Messaging busy Station Speed Dial Memos Chapter 4 – Full-duplex Speakerphone Dip Switches Speech Training Mode Special Button Operation button 10 Calling A Station Transfer To An Idle Station Call Answering co Line Call Forward Override [dss] Override Appendix A – Access Codes Co Line Access Codes Paging Access Codes Speed Dial Access Codes Flexible Directory Numbering Centrex Feature Buttons Appendix C – Button Labels Appendix D – International Settings Button Digital Speakerphone With Lcd Fixed Button Definitions Directory Manyal Definitions Multiple Directory Numbers Example Chapter 3 – Lcd Operation Control Button Definitions Dial Pad Key Equivalents Example Button Assignments ddss Shown External Paging Zones Feature Button Definitions Table of contents User Guide Table Of Contents Liquid Crystal Display Chapter 2 – The Basics Important – Read First What’s My Line Making A Call Answering A Call Switching Between Handset And Speakerphone Connecting Two Outside Lines Lcd Contrast Adjustments Chapter 3 – Advanced Operation Using Your Lcd Soft Key Example Forced Account Codes Automatic Busy Redial