[Fuji Xerox] download > DocuScan series > DocuScan C ANew high-speed colour network scanners from Fuji Xerox add a new level of functionality to your workplace. Call us to find out more. View and Download Fuji Xerox DocuScan C user manual online. Fuji Xerox Document scanner User guide. DocuScan C Scanner pdf manual.

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On the [Audio Tone] screen, select [5. The color saturation can be set in five levels from [Lower] to [Higher]. Entering Characters Entering Characters To enter characters, use the numeric keypad on the control panel.

Other Settings Setup Password Sets a password for each feature. Scanner Feature Problems If you experience a problem while using one of the features of the scanner, refer to the following dcouscan to remedy the problem: Error History Displays the error history.

The main window of CentreWare Internet Services appears. Entering Characters To enter characters, use the numeric keypad on the control panel.

Screen Defaults Base Tone Sets the tone that goes off when a button, which toggles between different socuscan when pressed repeatedly, is pressed. This can be set from 1 to 60 minutes in increments of 1 minute. Please find attached the schedule for your bu Please verify the attached data and contact u Select [Save].

Document Feeder The following types of documents may get jammed or damaged if loaded into the document feeder. Carbon Pre-punched Folded, Cut and Lightweight Curled paper paper creased or paste originals originals torn originals originals Error when scanning 2-sided documents When scanning a 2 sided document from the document feeder, its scan size may exceed the scannable area depending on the combination of the original size and scan ratio.


Scan Resolution Specifying the Scan Resolution Problem Solving Identifying Your Problem Problem Solving Procedure If a problem occurs with the scanner, follow the following procedure and remedy the problem: Also when scanned with [Output Color] set to [Full Color], a white background sometimes appears in a faint color depending on the type of paper used and how old the paper is. Do you want to cancel the job? Other Errors If the following message appears, resolve the problem by performing the corrective action.

Page 11 Index Trademark: No Warranty Applies Deliver to: Page Fault Tone Sets the tone that goes off when a job finishes abnormally. A newspaper is one example of this type of original. Green Lever and open the Inner Cover.

FujiXerox DocuScan C4250 Scanner

When opening the cover, do it gently. Image Quality Problems When you experience a poor scan or copy result, choose the symptom you think the closest from the following table, and perform the corresponding corrective action.

Fault Tone], and select [Change]. Copy Settings [Copy Settings] allows you to change defaults for different copy settings. Slowly pull the document out of the output roller towards the upward direction. Document output tray Holds scanned documents. Paper Type When [More If you select a color, the [Color Balance] screen of that color appears.

On the [Scan Defaults] screen, select [ The following types of keywords are available: Select the scan STEP type Network-related Problems Network-related Problems The following table lists the some of the problems you may encounter with CentreWare Internet Services.

Page Time Setup Sets the time of the scanner’s time clock. Page 45 Subject Set the subject of docuacan e-mail you are attaching the scanned data to.


File:Fuji Xerox DocuScan C at ROC-NCL-AAC Photocopy Room jpg – Wikimedia Commons

Close the left cover until it clicks into place. Page Specify the angle and direction to tilt the image, and click [OK]. Page Error History Displays the error history.

Network-related Problems The following table lists the some of the problems you may encounter with CentreWare Internet Services. Password Set the password for the user set in [User Name].

If you are setting passwords, set them on this screen also. Privacy Statement and Consent: Name Function Touch panel display Displays the messages and feature buttons required to operate the scanner. On the [Other Settings] screen, select [2.

Date Format], and select Cancel Save 1. This section outlines the basic copying procedure. Copy Copying Procedure By connecting the scanner docuscah a printer using the USB cable, you can scan documents on the scanner and output their copies from the printer.

On the [Password] screen, enter the password using the numeric keypad on the Cancel Confirm Password control panel, and select [Confirm].

DocuScan C : Download : Fuji Xerox

GST is included in the buyers premium. On the [Details] screen, select [File Name], and select [Change]. C2450 this screen, you can select the type and size of paper to be loaded on the bypass tray. The addresses that exist on the USB memory but not on the scanner will be added to the scanner.