Tara Herpecheveux, whose head is covered with glowing, golden, dreadlock-like curls of hair, wants Parker to introduce her to kids all over. About 4 chapters later Parker noticed that his dreadlock was twitching and had a Shusterman was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Tara Russell. Updated 22 February Transcript. Book and Beyond. Tara Russell. Period 3. Dread Locks by Neal Shusterman.

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My apologies, it’s just that this surprise was obvious after simply looking at the cover. And my very favorite part of this story is the ending! Maybe it works very well for the younger audience, but Parker’s slowness on the uptake was maddening. When we stop growing we immediately start dying, regardless of our circumstances, and so we always need that push to movement to keep us from growing fatally complacent.

Shusterjan Tara get her friend? I think that this book had a good concept, but for me it shustedman didn’t follow through in the ‘interesting’ category.

Review: Dread Locks by Neal Shusterman – Literature Young Adult Fiction

Honestly, I didn’t like the girl, Tara, from the beginning. Wherever Neal goes, he quickly earns a reputation as a storyteller and dynamic speaker. Neal Shusterman simply won’t ever settle for anything less than the very best that he has to offer, and the big winner is his readers, who I feel as if I’m always saying this in my reviews of Neal Shusterman’s books, but I can’t think of another contemporary author who hits the mark so resoundingly time after time, coming up with stories that mix powerful philosophy, gripping suspense, painfully real characters and shocking twists to an effect that I have rarely, if ever, seen from anyone else.

Projects and assignments could include literature circles or Dreadlocms seminars to keep students involved throughout reading. This story has a lot of good life lessons that really should be given to more people.


Parker and Tara became close friends. Tara is the new girl at school, and boy is neeal popular. It simplifies the story which, let me restate to be clear, is a bad thing.

That’s one of the advantages of home school — flexible schedule. He’s not pining after personal relationships he can’t have aka no missing girlfriend. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. I bought this for myself, thinking it was a bit old for my ten year old the characters are highschoolersbut because it was free of language and innuendo, I thought it appropriate for my ten-year-old who loved Percy Jackson. Oct 30, Aelvana dreadlkcks it it was amazing.

Dread Locks #1 by Neal Shusterman | : Books

Except the random statue maker person, who maybe will turn into Pygmalion in the next book. Nov 05, Riley Chenard rated it it was amazing.

This is one of those books, where I was reading along, knowing that Shusterman doesn’t put things into his books without a reason, yet I couldn’t figure out all the foreshadowing till the end.

Oct 01, Jagpar Singh rated it it was ok. There are little lessons to learn throughout; the characters are likeable, they could have easily moved into annoying, but they never did. Looking for More Great Reads? Fifteen year old Parker Baer lives in a huge house filled with everything he could ever have dreamed of having.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. It might have been, dare I say, educational to reveal that Medusa was a women renowned for her beauty until she was punished to become the hideous monster of well known myth. I like the premise of the Dark Fusion series, fairy tale meets myth.

Life feels like a boulder you don’t want to lift. For his birthday, his brother bought him a motocross bike, and his parents gave him a statue.


The beauty of going into a book blind is, if I don’t like it, I don’t have to worry about how much preconceptions have colored my opinions. But the only problem is that he thinks his life is dull and boring. I had a hard enough time with the mythos of the Medusa and that’s what attracted me to the dreadlofks in the first place.

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Parker tries to shrug it off until he realizes he might be a much bigger player in the game th Parker Baer is the typical shustermah rich kid, but his life gets a lot more interesting when he gets Tara for a neighbor. He’s the middle in a school full of rich spoiled kids.

Parker’s realistic view and opinions of his family’s wealth The beginning of the end. For a story that’s supposed to be suspenseful perhaps the big reveal at the end of the book shouldn’t be that one character is Medusa. And, since I finished this in one morning, it’s clearly the sort of book that catches you and makes you want to keep reading.

Why I Started the Book: Other books do this, too, but Dread Locks carries a message more than one, really that is eminently worth being delivered, an indispensable challenge to the misguided rationales that all of us erect around our lives to protect the tenets that we’ve convinced ourselves are true even if they obviously aren’t. He’s a fifteen-year-old “fat cat” living with wealthy parents in a wealthy neighborhood, never really wanting for anything that his parents can’t give him.

Read it Forward Read it first. Dreadlodks so Tara started to weave a tingled web of drama, but as she laid out her plan; something unexpected happens-he lets Parker in. Everyone is rich, pretty, and popular just like him.

A few hours later, he was done with the book. Kinney, Nova Southeastern University, Ft.

Quotes from Dread Locks.