El rapto del cisne (Spanish Edition) (Books4pocket Narrativa) [Elizabeth Kostova] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. El psiquiatra Andrew. El Rapto del Cisne [Elizabeth Kostova] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Elizabeth Kostova is the author of the international bestseller The Historian. She graduated from Yale and holds an MFA.

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It is a huge, good, floppy book, with more than pages so I took my time reading it. All in all, this was a well-written second novel with some minor inconsistencies that do not affect the finished canvas of a lovely story. El Rapto del Cisne by Elizabeth Kostova.

El Rapto del Cisne

In this book she revels in the ability of art to create shifts and changes in the mind and life of the artist. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. The day you recognize its brutal nature for yourself, you will look back eel know me even better, and forgive me.

I know now that many Amazon readers considered it “boring” and “plodding” and “painful” but I found the novel as entertaining as John Grisham and as smart as Ian McEwan, with a liberal sprinkling of French Impressionism thrown in for good measure. Videos About This Book. I started the book on Sunday morning and finished it this afternoon.

As I read, I felt as if I were right on the page with the characters, they were so realistic and intriguing. She is an intelligent writer who knows how e,izabeth tell a thrilling and beautiful story.

You can also tell that Kostova knows her history, painting methods, and that sort of thing. The book consists of chapters as told by several people and also through letters.

I had tried to read this twice before and the third time I finally finished it.

Especially to anyone who loves beautifully written books and who is looking for something to catch their eye and make them think afterwards. The book was interesting- I wanted very badly to know the secrets hidden in the past- but it just moved too slowly. There’s a lot to like about this one, but there are also at least two major flaws with it. If is hasn’t by then I generally lay it aside to wither give away or try again at another time. There are some passages in the novel that left an impact on me in different ways.


She does something similar in her first book only with the practice of doing history, which goes to show the research and effort put into her books. Unlike anything else I have read this year. I do look forward to reading more of Kostova’s work, especially The Historian and her newest coming out soon, The Shadow Land.

Oh, and this is more of a personal annoyance, but I hated the fact that Mary had to get pregnant for the ‘happy ending’ to be complete, and that Kate was mysteriously assumed to have an empty, depressing life just because she wasn’t in a relationship, even though she had two children; I didn’t like the implications of these judgements. The former dragged on and left me with an empty feeling, while the later built upon each successive chapter, providing a clear visual of characters, places, paintings, emotions and time, while eventually culminating in a well thought out and satisfactory resolution.

Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. It’s all about love and art and a bit of madness and the way they ravel and unravel together to make a person. I personally do not believe that the story could have been as effective without the surplus of descriptions as they served to provide layer upon layer of information for atmosphere, characterization, plot building or simply framing for a particular passage.

You feel connected to almost all her characters. The doctor’s curiosity takes him on travels to other cities and countries, searching for the history behind the painting.

Thomas Adcock This is a yr overdue, but, please ask someone to throw a book at you for asking such an absurd elizabetb. So the remainder of the reading was about getting there and how Kostova took her readers there. Psychiatrist treats non-talking artist arrested for slashing painting in national gallery.

I thought I had the ending figured out the title of the book gives some of the ending awayand I was close to being right, so you will probably figure it out too, as I’m not too good at guessing who-done-it. Anyway, a painting has to have some kind of mystery to it to make it work.

El Rapto del Cisne by Elizabeth Kostova (3 star ratings)

Unfortunately, that sort of editing didn’t happen here, leading to flake overkill. That is certainly not the only beautiful thing, though. Beatrice was a beautiful woman, with the passion of a great artist, which of course she was. The actu I have to confess that, with rare exceptions, I find it very difficult to determine The fascination with literary fiction.

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A sign of a good author is their ability to provide backstory, usually written separate from the novel and only suggested in the prose, but Eel characters seem to state everything that she had written to create the characters.

He mortifies body and mind to atone for something. English Choose a language for shopping. Ultimately, he travels across America and then across the ocean to find the truth.

Desesperado por entender el secreto que atormenta al genio, se embarca en un viaje que lo lleva mas cerca a las vidas de las mujeres de Oliver y a una tragedia en el centro del impresionismo frances. I like Kostova’s writing, but the most interesting part of this book is when she is writing about fel and not about the characters in the book. The majority of the book comprises the memories and insights of these people told in the voice of that particular individual, and so takes place outside the narrative which is really a convenient framework for these first person interludes.

This is no where near as good. I hope kkstova will thrill me more. It was a large canvas, frankly Ratpo by two figures. Looking for beautiful books? Johnson Kostova was born Elizabeth Z. Kostova released her second novel The Swan Thieves on January 12, Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews.

El Rapto del Cisne by Elizabeth Kostova (5 star ratings)

The characters did not engage me much- artist Oliver is self-absorbed and his women enable that, Marlow is a man who seems unable to realize that he himself is caught in an obsession that causes him to ignore confidentiality, and the women, artists all, are willing to give up their work for love.

I elizabety no problem with long books, but this one just elizabegh not have enough important things to fill the space, and is instead filled with detail that did not move the story forward at all. The Swan Thieves is not only a better novel but is a step forward for the author from The Historian.