Accepts a VIAVI FiberChek Sidewinder and FiberChek Probe. – Accepts a Save images, analysis results onto your mobile device. – Generate . Won’t work!. The new FiberChek probe completely automates your fiber inspection workflow. results on device or export; Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB connection capabilities. Then, the operation and functional use of the Westover Scientific FiberChek software application. by which fber end-face images are examined, analyzed, saved and archived. Moreover, . FiberChekā„¢ will not be installed on your computer.

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If you would like to use the FBP probe to inspect patch cords e. The checkout process is designed so that it communicates with the merchant to confirm that payment has been made and cleared.

JDSU makes no representations sve the products herein are free from any intellectual property claims of others. As the evidence for these scratches is very weak, and the condition of the fiber is nearly pristine, we search only for very long, very faint scratches. You can also perform this function by using key strokes. Make sure the box next to Install Camera Drivers is checked and click Finish to dont software installation.

Turn the Focus Control clockwise right until it stops. Selects a printer and printer connection. No part of this guide may be reproduced or transmitted electronically or otherwise without written permission of the publisher.


Need to access completely for Ebook PDF jdsu user manual fiberchek2? Your payment is expected within 5 days after the auction close. See developer information and full list of programs. For calibration procedures, please go to the next page.

We will wint to ship your item s within 24 hours after payment has been received.

JDSU: User Manual – FiberChek2

Plug the microscope into the computer. Hirose is a trademark of Hirose Electric Group.

Attach the appropriate Inspection Tip to the end of the barrel assembly. If so, do the following: Then, with the Increment box checked, enter the numeric value to begin serializing count. Patch cords can also be viewed fiberdhek2 a FMA Series adapter with a universal flare adapter see page 6. Pentium is a registered trademark of Intel Corporation.

If there is no discernible fiber image or metal-ring, then it is a flat lens.

FiberChek2 overcomes this challenge by operating in two modes, each optimized for its designed task. It also provides both the low- and high-magnification images along with a check box that allows you to toggle the defect overlays on and off.

It is possible to have two images displayed live at the same time in two different windows. Sell Smarter with Kyozou. It eliminates the need to access the backside wave patch panels or disassemble hardware devices prior to inspection. The option to password protect all calibration settings can be enabled here also recommended.


Tracking number s will be provided the same day as order shipment. For more information on the Visual Inspection Summary Report, refer to the Options section of this manual. If that doesn’t work, try changing the. In this way, you can later extract archive data allowing you to analyze meaningful portions of your production. Follow the Hardware Update Wizard screen to update the device driver. All of this is done in a ij of seconds.

Open The Open icon launches a standard Open dialog box. Please be sure to have the following information available: It identifies and won defects and contamination and determines their location relative to the fiber core.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Internet Explorer no longer allows local web pages to be displayed without a warning if they contain scripting code.

JDSU: User Manual – FiberChek2 |

When you are done with this feature, click OK to return to the main window. If you are using a fiber with a cladding size other than microns you will need to select Other and enter the diameter of the cladding.

The camera system is then re-optimized for detecting scratches on the glass surface.