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The story ended up going in places that I just wasn’t expecting. I’d happily deal with these things for such a great book, but it was distracting. This style leaves no questions as to how the H and h feel about each other, how they feel about what is going on around them, or how their relationship came to be in the state that it is. Of course, down the road they do get found out and his father becomes a major trial that they both always have to be ten steps ahead of to try and keep things smoothly running.

The Author didn’t put much detail. So not good for those who don’t have a lot of time to read and actually have to set a book down. I also wanted a few more scenes between them, because their chemistry and intensity was so engrossing. Sweet, beautiful and innocent on the outside.

I love how they became bestfriend first then started a relationship. Oct 16, Louise rated it really liked it Shelves: David has the appearance of a man in control.

I will warn you now. I guess I was expecting more standard erotica, but there was a lot to it. After suffering more than 25 years of abuse sexual, physical, emotional at the hands of her husband, she was just fine and moving on with life as soon as he was dead! Blair handled the sexual relationship between David and Kat. I like David no matter how twisted his family, but I admired Katlyn in this book.

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I also felt like some of this book was BDSM …. The contrast is Richard and Ellen. David must provide a weekly report on how many woman he has f So Kat takes the initiative and tops from the bottom, guiding David into the role of the dominate.

Some parts of this story were hard to believe for me, especially some reactions of main characters to the terrible situations they found themselves in.

I also liked the way Samantha Blair told the story in timelines each chapter told from Kat and David’s perspective. While Kat loved David dearly and truly her willingness to submit was not just for his pleasure but for her own. David truly had my respect. This book started off with a bang, letting me know right away that this author wasn’t going to pull any punches.

Granted, this is fairly dark, and explores the world of BDSM, but not what I would ever consider hard-core. That ONE person whom is your lover; best friend, your confidant, teacher, support, your greatest strength and also your biggest weakness.

He is gorgeous, goal oriented and wreaks sophistication. This story was nothing like I was expecting.

Generational Sins 1 Samantha Blair

I really think Kat played against what many see as the stereotypical Submissive woman; she may like to submit to her partner sexually but that does not mean she is not a smart, strong, confident independent woman at the same time. Kat finds him there and they talk and he takes her up to the family cabin where they talk about his views on women.

He needed to learn to be a Dom because he was in a relationship with an experienced Sub. I was captivated from the opening paragraph which was shocking and gives you a taste of what is to come until the end. David was dominant in an abusive way — taught blaie his father.


We have this long drawn out mentally draining story, a great story, but the end was wrapped up so quickly that I can’t help but be little upset about that. It made me see the whole genre in a different light.


If you are looking for something that will bring a generatinal of raw emotion to the forefront of your mind then this just might be the story for you. You have Katlyn Lake. This book is extremely dark, there’s violence and love all rolled generatiojal for a story you won’t forget. I love a book that challenges my comfort level. It was well written and provided me with another view of BDSM.

Smashwords Edition Please read with caution.

Generational Sins (Generational Sins, #1) by Samantha Blair

All I can say is this was an extremely intense, emotional roller coaster ride to read. Just FYI, not a book to read for hot sex scenes because there wasn’t much along those lines.

I have always said that Samantna will never ever stand bblair and be verbally and physically abused, that’s goes for sexually abused as well. The novel contains very adult content including explicit sexual scenes, BDSM including bondage, spankings, etc. It is eye-opening for him, to say the least: This story was really intense, hard in many ways but for many samanth who are narrow minded it could very well be THE book to open there eyes and see that BDSM is just a lifestyle chosen between two Consenting Adults!

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David’s father, Richard, sees woman as a lesser equal.