Tehnici de biolo gie moleculară – principii şi ap licaţii practice 7 V.1 Metoda chimică F. () Genetica microorganismelor şi inginerie genetică microbiană. Analele Ştiinţifice ale Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Secţiunea Genetică şi Biologie Moleculară, TOM X, CONTENT. Elena Truţă, Ştefania Surdu. (cursuri de zi) (4 semestre): Domeniul specializării: BIOLOGIE – Conservarea biodiversității; – Biotehnologii microbiene și celulare; – Genetică moleculară;.

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On the dynamics of the activity of some enzymes involved in the glucidic metabolism in Sorghum sudanense and Sorghum vulgare during the germination period Author s: Gabriela Vasile Elena Ciornea Volume: Studies regarding the influence of certain inorganic pollutants on the quality of the soil from mining areas in Suceava county Author s: In vitro cultivation of the endemic species Andryala levitomentosa Author s: Cristina Cobzaru Roderich Brandsch Volume: The testing of some organic supports for yeasts immobilization technology used in sparkling wine production Author s: Pharmacophore identification for matrix metalloproteinases by in silico investigations Author s: Water supply quality for use infood and for cleaning Author s: Preliminary studies concerning chromosome constitution of some Cornus mas L.


Elena Turu Elena Ciornea Volume: The evolution of catalase and peroxidase activity in Phanerochaete chrysosporium grown on media containing beech and fir sawdust and under the influence of some amino acids Author s: Chromosomes of two podagrion species Hymenoptera, Chalcidoidea, Torymidae and the evolution of high chromosome numbers in Chalcidoidea Author s: Phylogenetic relationships of Carassius gibelio Bloch.

Chemical and biochemical indicators in the characterization of polluted waters from the Bahlui River, Iasi city sector Author s: In vitro multiplication of Jovibarba sobolifera Author s: Effect of pollution with cement dust upon superoxid Author s: Kelly Wormwood Armand G. Study regarding the adherence of oral microbiota on composit plating materials Author omleculara The citogenetic effects of treating millet Panicum miliaceum L.

Universitatea Alexandru Ioan Cuza Iasi | Genetica Moleculara –

Evaluation of plasma oxidative stress in the case of patients with vitiligo and nicotine-dependance Author s: Alexandru Manoliu Lacramioara Oprica Volume: Cytogenetic effects induced by bark extract from Hippophae Author s: Steps in uncovering the key enzyme in the degradation of the pyridine ring in the Arthrobacter nicotinovorans Author s: Effects of antibiotics on root of Arabidopsis thaliana Author s: Genetkca correlations regarding healing of postextractional alveolar osteitis in the presence of some therapeutic agents Author s: Modulation of the captopril interference with the activity of some enzymatic biomolecules in monkey kidney vero cells by drug delivery mesoporous silica system Author s: Phytochemical study of some koleculara principles with antioxidant action from the Rosmarinus officinalis and Salvia officinalis species Author s: Cristina Maxim Dumitru Cojocaru Volume: The tillage yenetica on the soil acid and alkaline phosphatase activity Author s: Determination of antioxidant enzymatic activity in several halophytes from Dobrogea area Author s: Moleculaara traits in Rosa nitidula Besser Author s: Low frequency low intensity pulse electromagnetic filed in vivo influence on immune capacity in rat Author s: Noninvasive biomarkers in the genegica of prostate cancer Author s: Roxana Popovici Cosmin Mihai E.


Andreea Andrei Marius Mihasan Volume: Some biochemical indicators of the amniotic fluid – possible way for evaluation of the renal development Author s: Cytogenetic effects induced by deposit mycoflora in Zea mays l.

The research study of some biochemical aspects in subjects with plasmocytoma Author s: Acute pancreatitis in children: The contents variations of the carotenoid pigments and total lipids in seabuckthorn false fruit and fruit Author moelculara