Alvin Plantinga. University of Notre Dame. Follow. Abstract. This book discusses and exemplifies the philosophy of religion, or philosophical reflection on central. God, Freedom, And Evil – Alvin Plantinga – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. PAGE 18 IS MISSING. HERE IS THE MISSING. Alvin Plantinga is held by many to be the greatest living Christian philosopher, and has made immense contributions to various areas of.

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In fact, since W 3 is a world without evil of any kind and since merely wanting to lie or steal is itself a bad thing, the people in W 3 would not even be able to have morally bad thoughts or desires. Certainly, Plantinga argues his position well. The claim is that, given the existence of evil, it is impossible that God exist. To begin with, MSR1 presupposes the view of free will known as “libertarianism”: Your favorite Eerdmans titles can be purchased through leading retailers including Amazon.

We know, however, plantjnga evil does exist. Atheologians claim that a contradiction can easily be deduced from 1 through 4 once we think through the implications of the divine attributes cited in 1 through 3. Sep 21, Marcus Goncalves rated it it was amazing.

Logical Problem of Evil

In fact, according to the first chapter of Genesis, animals in the Garden of Eden didn’t even kill each other for food before the Fall. The Argument from Evil in Philosophy of Religion. Atheologians, as we saw above, claim that God is doing something morally blameworthy by allowing evil and suffering to exist in our world.


Of course, I admit that my synopsis is simplified. Plantinga’s goal here is to look at the the “rational acceptability of theistic belief”, not attempting to provide a “proof” for God, but rather answering the question, “Is belief in God a reasonable option? An earthquake kills hundreds in Peru.

God, Freedom, and Evil – Alvin Plantinga – Google Books

However, they reveal that some of the central claims of his defense conflict with other important theistic doctrines. Eric vd Luft – – Gegensatz Press. It is difficult to see that they do. Students can understand this book; they must only be willing to think as hard as they read. If God were to have a morally sufficient reason for allowing evil, would it be possible for God to be omnipotent, omniscient, perfectly good, and yet for there to be evil and suffering? Causal forces beyond your control would make you tell the truth on every occasion.

The Case for Faith: Do people really need to die from heart disease and flash floods in order for us to have morally significant free will? There is nothing contradictory about supposing that there is a possible world where free creatures always make the right choices and never go wrong.

God, Freedom, and Evil

But if it is possible for God to possess morally significant freedom and for him to be unable to do wrong, then W 3 once again appears to be possible after all. A W is a possible state of affairs, but a possible state of affairs is not necessarily a W If you wanted to tell a lie, you would not be able to do so.

Suppose a gossipy neighbor were to tell you that Mrs.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Like, idk, is it a legit move to ask someone to accept that there’s a possible world where a being contains properties that force it to exist in the actual world?


I have a friend who is a young earth creationist who will discuss the kalam which, on many formulations, accepts the old age of the earth. Since MSR1 and MSR2 together seem to show contra the claims of the logical problem of evil how it is possible for God and moral and natural evil to co-exist, it seems that the Free Will Defense successfully defeats the logical problem of evil.

God could not eliminate much of the evil and suffering in this world without thereby eliminating the greater good of having created persons with free evli with whom he could have relationships and who are able to love one another and do good deeds.

God, Freedom, and Evil – Alvin Plantinga : Eerdmans

Alvin Plantinga is a first class philosopher. Furthermore, if God were morally perfect, then surely God would want to do something about it.

Apologetics is a non-profit ministry. Return to the Curley example. Read this for a master’s level philosophy of religion course. Since the logical problem of evil claims that it is logically impossible for God and evil to co-exist, all that Plantinga or any other theist needs to do to combat this claim is to describe a possible situation in which God and evil co-exist.

He seems constitutionally incapable of choosing plantinag even wanting to do what is wrong. It should be obvious that 13 conflicts with 1 through 3 above.