Golaknath Case. Facts. The immediate facts of the case were that the family of one William Golak Nath had over acres of property in. In the famous case of Golaknath V. State of Punjab, in the year the Court ruled that Parliament could not curtail any of the Fundamental Rights in the. ; posts about Golaknath case which continued to create history of Indian Judiciary. This is case.

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The reasons which prompted the majority to arrive at this decision are as follows: The Article itself does not exclude constitutional law which could have been easily done had the constitution makers.

It is therefore a great error to think of Art. Ohio 4 did not apply to State Court convictions which had become final before the date of that judgment. A-Baxter v. It is further urged that the word “law”, in Art. If a court can over-rule its earlier decision-there cannot be any dis- pute now that the court can do so there cannot be any valid cass why it should not restrict its ruling to the future and not to the past.

Golaknath case, explained. – iasinsights

It can have no reference to the Constituent power of amendment under Art. The Constitution-makers thought that it could be done and we also think that the directive prin. It demarcates their jurisdiction minutely and expects them to exercise their respective powers without overstepping their limits. Category Index Outline Portal. The immediate facts of the case were that the family of one William Golak Nath had over acres of property in Punjab.

We are however of opinion that we should look at the quality and nature of what is done under Art. Dadachanji and Ravin- der Narain, for the Petitioner. He drew protective cover offered by the doctrine over the impugned amendments while manifestly holding that the impugned amendments abridged the scope of fundamental rights.

III are not to be found in Art. What was the judgement? What then is the effect of our conclusion on the instant case?. It cannot be conceived that in following the Directive Principles the Fundamental Rights can be ignored.


The Legislature passed a law which conflicted with one of the existing terms of the Constitution Act. Therefore’, even though Sankari Prasad’s case 1 has stood only for fifteen years there has been a vast agrarian revolution effected on the faith of that decision and this Court should not now go back on what was decided in that case.

In short, amendment cannot be made otherwise than by following the legislative process. If an article of the Constitution expressly says that it cannot be amended, a law cannot be made amending it, as the power of Parliament to make a law is subject to the said Article.

Past Continuous: Two Judgements That Held the Constitution Above Parliament

The fourth method is golaknatth by creation of a special body ad hoc for the purpose of constitution revision as in Latin America. The residuary power of Parliament can certainly take in the power to amend the Constitution. We have already seen that Parliament effects amendments of the first class mentioned above by going through the same three-fold procedure but with a simple majority.

The completion of the procedural steps cannot be said to culminate in the power to amend for if that was so the Constitution makers could have stated that in the Constitution. Reference is also made to similar provisions in.

As this Court for the first time has been called upon to apply the doctrine evolved in a different country under different ,circumstances, we would like to move warily in the beginning.

L. C. Golaknath v/s State of Punjab – Initial stage of Judicial Activism

The judgment made sure that this great Constitution that was enacted in the name of people cannot be subverted to the wills of those acting as the representatives of the populous of the nation. The law declared by the Supreme Court is the law of the land.

They propose, therefore, to modify their present practice and, while golaaknath former decisions of this House as normally binding, to depart from a previous decision when it appears right to do so. Dealing with the doctrine of implied limitations, he says that it is clearly untenable. As it was clear that the decision in Sankari Prasad’s case was wrong, it was pre-eminently a typical case where this Court should overrule it. Livingston in “Federalism and Constitutional Change” says:.


The Constitution brings into existence caae constitutional entities, namely, the Union, the States and the Union Territories.

I. C. Golaknath & Ors. Vs. State of Punjab & Anrs.

In the Book “Indian Constitution-Corerstone of a Nation” by Granville Austin, the scope origin golaknarh the object of funda- mental rights have been graphically stated. If amendment is intended to be something other than law, the constitutional insistence on the said legislative process is unnecessary. In the words of Canfield the said expression means ” It directs it to work for an egalitarian society where there is no concentration of wealth, where there is plenty, where there is equal opportunity for all, to education, to work, to livelihood’.

Golaknatn, therefore, declare that our decision will not affect the validity of the Constitution Seventeenth Amendment Act,or other amendments made to the Constitution taking away or abridging the fundamental rights. To deny this power to the Supreme Court on the basis of some outmoded theory that the Court only finds law but does not make it is to make ineffective the powerful instrument of.

On a comparison of the scheme, of the words in Art and the scheme of the words in Art.

yolaknath State of Rajasthan[] 1 S. They can also be sustained on the ground that they do not affect the basic structure of the constitution or on the fact that they are reasonable restrictions on the fundamental rights in public interest. By this amendment, changes were made in Art.