Another GRAMPS database (having the grdb file extension), There is no risk of information loss when import or exporting to these formats. GRAMPS database. This command will attempt to export your database as a GEDCOM file: gramps — open=”My Family Tree” –output= GEDCOM Export Option. I would like to export my genealogy collection in a GEDCOM format. In this export, I do not want living individual’s.

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Second Step import them into a new temporary family tree. On Sat, Dec 2, at 4: In reply to this post by Jeff Silver. Then, someone with a corrupt pickle could track down references.

GRAMPS – User – Can I filter photos and documents in the Gedcom export?

But, there is a reply of Paul Cully advising to work with a database copy and delete the media in the copy I don’t want in the export. I have connected a lot of old photos and documents to the individuals and relationships. Replaced Source References with Citations that allow sharing and can have media objects and ‘data’ expirt attached to them.

Meanwhile, it is grwmps good idea to make the code resilient to the problem, and if possible log a warning about the problem see https: Jeff Check out the vibrant tech community on one of the world’s most engaging tech sites, Slashdot. This method has the advantage of leaving your working database untouched.


I had already tried editing the note and deleting the text. Introduced the new Family Tree database format.

Can I filter photos and documents in the Gedcom export?

For the relative grandfathersee Grandparent. Legacy Family Tree standard ed. Python 3 support only Python 2 support dropped. Gramps is available in 40 languages [8] December Search everywhere only in this topic Advanced Search Can I grampss photos and documents in the Gedcom export?

And when you are finished, you can delete the temporary tree. When I do a gedcom export I can filter on tags on persons.

Full Python 3 support. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

GEDCOM Export Option

If you are would like to fix your installation, you can download the fixed file from https: In reply to this post by Ron Johnson. First, after shutting down gramps, of course “cp -ra” the relevant.

I will try your fix or wait for the next alpha release. Still, I find it hard to build Places tree. Views Read Edit View history.

There was a problem that sounds similar see ckeckmediasourceref at line There is a Reference Filter. The locking method has the advantage of keeping them attached to the person and you keep easy access to the items. Thanks in advance for help. Aside from handling the Exceptions, would it make sense to have the IDs of notes gfamps plain text in the database, rather than inside the pickle?


On Sat, Dec 2, at 8: Free and open-source software portal. Keeps the exporrt data format as Gramps 3. Gramps is programmed in Python using PyGObject.

This article is about genealogy software. In reply to this post by prculley. The underlying problem seems to be a truncated record in note.

In reply sxport this post by beagle Wikimedia Commons has media related to Gramps. I use an external program to create books. That enabled me to do a successful export, and the corresponding import of that file cleaned up outstanding references to 3 notes that had got corrupted in the database. Thank you for the answer.