Isaac Dragos [Beyond the Marius Brothers 1] (Siren Publishing Classic Manlove) (Beyond the Marius Brothers: Siren Publishi by Joyee Flynn (May 26, ). The complete series list for – Beyond the Marius Brothers Joyee Flynn. Series reading order, cover art, synopsis, sequels, reviews, awards, publishing history. The Beyond the Marius Brothers book series by Joyee Flynn includes books Darcy Burke and Barnabas Leopold. See the complete Beyond the Marius Brothers.

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Series: Beyond the Marius Brothers

Refresh and try again. Open Preview See a Tge Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Isaac Dragos by Joyee Flynn. With his father’s sanity slipping further away every day, Isaac is afraid for the people who matter to him. Seeking to find himself, Isaac sets out to run away from home and clear his head before deciding what to do next in life. Standing at the airport, deciding where to go, his mate walks right up to him. And when he finds out Rory, his gorgeous mate, has issues of his own, they decide to help each other heal their emotional wounds.

But does he deserve happiness after his past? And will Rory be able to help Isaac, or will his own issues cloud their mating? Beyond the Marius Brothers 1Marius World 7.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Isaac Dragosplease sign up. Lists with This Nrothers. Well, honestly, this has to be one of the most inconsistent and worst books I’ve ever foynn. I mean, I just flyynn get how Siren would even bejond this when it’s so clearly a crappy book. Let’s state those inconsistencies shall we? What’s with the Dragos birth order?! Now this one is my favorites “Victor shouted, and I could barely hear him over our screams.

Beyond the Marius Brothers Book Series:

They were going all the way down to the muscle. At least that’s what all those fine Anatomy teachers taught me. If you’re going to keep changing people’s names throughout books i. Wrath turning into Abraham you might want to let the readers know why. And then one day, way before even Noah was born, you were just gone. You never even told me you were gay? I mean, it was like a slap in the face that you never were my friend.

But I acted like an asshole. Now, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Micah’s book placed like 6 months before this one?! Because Riley and Micah got the surrogate pregnant at the end of their book and the surrogate just gave birth to a premature baby at least that’s what I’m told. I mean, if that’s the case and Isaac hasn’t spoken to Stefan since before Noah was born then that would make Noah an infant.

And, omg, Remus that’s just ewwww. He just said he couldnt stand to be in there! If Abraham lost his Council seat in Remus and Noah’s book then how is it possible for Isaac, or Dillon, to take over the seat if it’s not even fucking available?! Okay, I’ll stop there because, really, who knows how many other inconsistencies there are? And can I just say how boring and un-kinky their sex scenes were? If you are going to have the characters state how kinky their sex is, try adding something besides just regular sex, Joyee.


And for the record, the next time you want to redeem a douche bag like Isaac try getting the facts straight and have him actually own up to the shitty things he’s done to people and not make excuses.

If Isaac wants people to stop treating him like shit – “I snarled, tired of everyone treating me like shit” – then maybe he should learn a lesson and actually be nice to people instead of snarling and sneering and screaming at people. Which I find hilarious because aparently, as Rory stated, Isaac shuts down when people start to yell but yet he’s perfectly fine to yell back at people.

Overall, this was a major disappointed. The first quarter of the book is just copied and pasted from previous books of hers but yet she still gets the facts wrong? And on top of that twists them to make the asshole main character look like he’s redeeming? There’s a reason I don’t read Joyee’s books anymore and this is a classic example of why.

It’s inconsistent, it has a weak plot with weak characters that have no personailty. There’s major plot holes throughout the book but yet we get told numerous times how rich the Dragos family is. And I fucking hated how the Irish twins’ speech was so degraded. If Joyee thinks that’s how Irish people speak then she needs to get a lesson in that and fucking visit Ireland because that’s not how the family I have in Ireland speak and whoever she’s getting her knowledge of accents on is either an uneducated ‘Irish’ person or is totally lying to her about how they actually speak because if it’s offense to meI have no doubt it’s offensive to a full-blooded, born and raised in Ireland, person.

Oh, and do some more Goddamn research. Don’t make a beautiful place like Italy into a freaking open-spaced whorehouse!

View all comments. I was spared most of it because I was second born. I might brother well have been invisible. But still, I was born a warrior, so I had some worth in the eyes of Wrath. Wrath Dragos and Abraham Dargos are the same character but his name is changed throughout the story without explanation why he his name changes. So that means birth order was Isaac, Dillon, then Noah. But now in this book, Isaac Dragos Isaac says: I guess beyodn to make us feel sympathetic for the poor helpless Isaac is easier if you change things from one book to the next?

Another quote from the mind of fltnn brilliant Isaac: So weird in Remus Abraham was removed from council because of his false accusations and lies Now in this one after he view spoiler [dies hide spoiler ] his council seat is open and Isaac as his heir can fill it or it can go to election.

Guess i missed the book where Abraham got his seat on the council back? This first half of this book is copied from previous books with some details changed to make Isaac look better and added his POV to it. Anyway his excuses for doing the things he did and treating his “family” the way he did were never justified, not even to him and then to redeem himself he buys everyone a gift? Hey Noah sorry I grothers you, drugged you, verbally abused you before physically abusing and painfully ripping your fangs out, i know you were just rescued from being flynj prisoner by the demons and still recovering so i should have given you something for the pain, uh but here is a stormy book to make up for it???


Like really WTF is this shit? Oh Patrick you’re just a lower life form and don’t really beylnd anything but i am such a big person I will say sorry anyway View all 61 comments.

Brothrs 03, Arzu rated it did not like it Shelves: I have to admit, I was curious to see how Mss Flynn would handle this book and couldn’t resist buying it. I was so disappointed!!

First, who is the oldest Dragos brother? In Noah’s book, Remusit was Isaac and now it is Dillon? Did I miss something? Can you change the birth order?? Second, what’s the name of Isaac’s fkynn

Wrath Noah’s book or Abraham Isaac’s book? Or did the father change his name and we weren’t informed? Another thing, In Noah’s book Isaac’s father lost his council seat b I have to admit, I was curious to see how Mss Flynn would handle this book and couldn’t resist buying it. Another thing, In Noah’s book Isaac’s father lost his council seat because of his lies and false accusations.

Now the seat is available and Isaac or someone else can take it over?? Did Isaac got his seat back or did I miss something?? I’m sure that there are other things that weren’t consistent compared to Noah’s book, but these are the ones that disturbed me the most.

After reading most of Brotherx Flynn’s writings, I know what to expect. Like I already said in other reviews, light fluffy reads with not too much plot, but it’s getting worse with each book. Dear Mss Flynn, get your facts straight when you write books linked to each other and be consistent!! And please try for a change to give your MCs a bit of IQ!!

Your readers are not stupid!! View all 15 comments. Apr 22, Adrian Anderson rated it did not like it Shelves: Finally, people are taking notice of the crap that passes for writing when it comes to Joyee Flynn.

If just asking a couple continuity questions made her fly off and cuss my flynm in the nastiest way possible and encourage her ‘fans’ to abuse her and gave out her email for them to do just that And yes, I know for fact that she reads them. Don’t like what someone says so just hide the statements while blocking off their responses. I have a pretty good idea of your “friend” because I only ever got on the bad side of a handful of people and they are very active fynn.

No skin off my nose.