Editorial Reviews. Review. Juliet Barker tells this story beautifully. If you buy just one book of history this year, choose this one. It will make a wonderful. Editions. UK: Agincourt: The King, the Campaign, the Battle Little, Brown, ISBN: Abacus, ISBN: Audiobook. The Wars of the Roses by Alison Weir Agincourt by Juliet Barker The Plantagenets by Dan Jones Richard the Third by Paul Murray Kendall She- Wolves by.

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Instead, the Battle of Agincourt turned out to be one of the greatest upsets in western history. Although I have always been interested in History, majored in U. Her good overal perspective and attention to detail, both personal, political and financial – a real plus – combine to make this both a very readable and useful account of the subject. Biographical vignettes of the participants, great and small, liven up her pages.

Juliet Barker

While ‘Agincourt’ is clearly a well-researched work, Juliet Barker breaks little new ground. No one save historians can remember the Treaty of Troyes — but Agincourt has achieved greater fame.

I found the development of the cannon fascinating and this was presented in a manner that flowed as smooth as silk to the passage of time as opposed to words to mind. Oh my goodness I just love Juliet Barker’s historical writing.

Henry V of England. If you buy just one book of history this year, choose this one. She has meticulously scoured all the financial detail I’ve given this very thorough, breathtaking book about the Battle of Agincourt 5 stars.

And how all those French nobles, wanting to be in the front guard and vanguard positions for future pecking order and other reasons of idealist valour, DID result in the horrendous piling up and self-slaughter by their very own actions. View all 13 comments. At the same time, the fact that the outcome of the fighting is never in doubt we’re only reading such a detailed account of the battle, after all, because we already know who won the day means that, despite the momentum of Barker’s narrative, the book can’t escape an anticlimactic feel.


Bryce rated it really liked it Shelves: A detailed account of the preparations, execution and aftermath of the Battle of Agincourt, the battle that made England Henry V, son of the usurper Henry IV, made two promises: Overall, though, this is a an excellent read.

Book ratings by Goodreads. The cowardly Burgundy had Louis assassinated in the streets of Paris during the dead of night and the French civil war began between the Burgundians and the Armagnac faction. Barker does continue her narrative from the aftermath of the battle down to the more or less final defeat of the English in the s in Conquest.

I was delighted by some of the little jewels of historical fact with which Barker sprinkled this book. It covers not only the Agincourt campaign, but also serves a short biography of Henry V and delves into some of the Armagnac-Burgundian issues dividing France at the time.

It does seem that Henry was to be demoted and no longer his father’s heir. I absolutely couldn’t put this one down. In later campaigns Henry would achieve his aims briefly against the French crown; history would see them reversed, however, squandered by less heroic successors.

Juliet Barker – Wikipedia

Archer Roger Hunt had been found with a gaping hole in his stomach, the Frenchman was found dead with an arrow in his chest and the Arquebus lay nearby.

It had an effective firing range of avincourt yards downhill, and aginciurt to be employed with a tripod rather a “hook” at the tall end of the pole – hence “hook gun” almost as bulky and heavy as the gun itself. The book is broken down into three sections: Villagers take refuge from the depredations of the English in the subterranean city of Naours, a complex of galleries and chambers carved out of seams of chalk that provide shelter for 2, people and their livestock.

The politics of the Burgundians and the Armagnacs are presented, showing Henry’s skill at navigating international diplomacy. Parts of her text should be incorporated into management courses: It literally means “death” and was used in medieval times to represent just that. The exhausted English army of about 9, men was engaged by 20, Frenchmen, but the limited space of battle favoured the more compact English forces.


Includes the rise of Henry V, the usurper’s son, raising taxes and forming his army, crossing the Channel and capturing the French town of Harfleur, and then facing overwhelming odds on a field outside the village of Agincourt in northern France. Ultimately I think every reader will come to have a greater appreciation for the culture and character of all sides involved, but I don’t think anyone who is familiar with the battle agindourt will come away with any revelations about the English victory that day.

In the fourteenth century, nation-states as we know them did not exist. The church bell foundries were the first to begin making cannon. It’s disappointing that there are none. It was a triumph of not just arms, but belief. For Henry V, that he should become king of France was Gods will.

Agincourt: Henry V and the Battle That Made England by Juliet Barker

A readable, interesting account of the build up, execution and aftermath of Henry V’s Agincourt campaign, brought to life with brker of contemporary accounts and interesting asides one of my favourites being about Roland le Fartere, a minstrel whose trick was to leap, whistle and But she also looks behind the action on the field to paint a portrait of the age, from the logistics of preparing barkeer launch one of the biggest invasion forces ever seen at the time to the dynamics of daily life in peace and war.

It is probably the best researched and written book on Agincourt that Agiincourt have come across. The photographs of art, artifacts, equipment, jewelry and tombs included in the middle of the book; those were fabulous.

Bar,er all works out to be a bit circular, because without Agincourt how many of us would ever know just how fearsome the Welsh longbowmen were anyway? Description Agincourt took place on 25 October and was a turning-point not only in the Hundred Years War between England and France but also in the history of weaponry. This is great history.