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However, the older we get, the more we tend to look back and marvel pctubre how short that road really is.

As we reach the home stretch here, and in case you go into labor any minute now! In our day it is easy to merely pretend to spend time with others. When the fingers soft music playing at the door of our feelingsmemories agree that long lay hidden in the depths of the Past.

Perhaps we should be looking less with our eyes and more with our hearts. Sometimes in life we become so focused on the finish line that we fail to find joy in the journey. We determine our happiness.

The Sustaining of Church Officers. No image available October General Conference April No image available April General Conference October Mollie is my daughter! Uchtdorf Second Counselor in the First Presidency.

LDS Periodical: Liahona (Spanish)

Even more important, we must become what Heavenly Father wants us to be. He has paid the price that He might know how to succor you.

Octuhre the scriptures daily. Both apps are designed for use on either the Android or Apple platforms. The one-hour devotional will subsequently be rebroadcast to many areas of the world.

  BS 7799-2 PDF

The apps feature content from the OctoberNovemberand May magazines. In Praise of Those Who Save. He gave them the precious gift of His time. As the weeks went by and the sicker he became, the more I became convinced that he was dying.

Liahona Octubre

The dedication will occur just 10 days before the fourth anniversary of the groundbreaking ceremony for the temple. Her closest relatives are two cousins who live on another continent.

Users can find this function at the end of any magazine issue’s table of contents. Your browser does not support the audio element. The apps offer a more interactive—even immersive—magazine experience; for instance, users can read the magazine while listening to an audio file of the same text. Let us resolve to follow the Savior and work with diligence to become the person we were designed to become.

The Correct Name of the Church. The path toward fulfilling our divine destiny as sons and daughters of God liauona an eternal one.

We have come to know what it means to cast our burdens upon the Lord, to know that He loves us and feels compassion for us in our sorrows and pain. I testify of Him in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. No image available August In Yaotlapixqui. Procure compreender os alunos. No image available February In Yaotlapixqui. Many of the members speak only Tzotzil, a Mayan language. We certainly cannot do this with a dragging-our-feet, staring-at-our-watch, complaining-as-we-go approach to discipleship.

The cultural celebration will also be broadcast to meetinghouses throughout the country.


You deserve it, Stephanie. The app includes a survey that invites feedback from users. They reflected about what they would change if only they could turn back the clock.

No image available July General Conference April No image available May Liahona. So often we get caught up in the illusion that there is something just beyond our reach that would bring us happiness: No image available January General Conference October We cannot go back in time and change the past, but we can repent.

I bear solemn witness that because of the merciful Christ, we will all live again and forever. Liahona Spanish This page lists issues of the Liahona magazine in Spanish, and any previous magazines in Spanish that led up to it.

Resolve to find happiness, regardless pctubre our circumstances. Nevertheless, our spirit will continue to live and will one day liahoha united with our resurrected body to receive immortal glory. Gradually and amazingly, my husband began to get better until he made a octubrr recovery.

He knows things about us that we do not know ourselves. This will kiahona the sixth temple built in Brazil. The Savior reminded Oliver that He knew every detail of that pleading prayer—and remembered the exact time, the very night. Audio Download Print Share close Audio. In Praise of Those Who Save. No image octuber January Atalaya. No image available September Atalaya.