Arthur Lydiard is often thought of as the father of modern distance running. His training information is widely available, but often times. Arthur Leslie Lydiard ONZ OBE (6 July – 11 December ) was a New Zealand runner Lydiard’s ground-breaking impact on distance running was recognised by Runner’s World, which hailed him as All time best running coach. Lydiard Basics. The principles of sound training that Lydiard developed in s ––based on experimenting on himself and a small group of local New Zealand.

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Running Wizard – Lydiard Foundation

The total cumulative ascent in the Waitakeres was over metres. Looks like it peaks around 55 miles per week most weeks in the range running 5 days per week perfect for me, as ish is my sweet spot and I like to cross train. Lydiard was a strong promoter of running for health, encouraging easy distance running for its cardiovascular health benefits at a time when people thought distance running was unhealthy and potentially dangerous.

The longest phase, Aerobic Base Buildingcomes first. Lydiard found through physiological testing that four weeks was the maximum amount of anaerobic development needed—any more caused negative effects such a decrease in aerobic enzymes and increased mental stressoften referred to as burnoutdue to lowered blood pH.

The 5 Lydiard Principles – Running Wizard

Rangiora High School has a house named after Lydiard. I have done one training cycle using the Lydiard method and dropped runnin marathon time significantly- Down to 2: Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

You can indicate how many days per week you want to run, how many weeks before your race, and runnning provide some details about yourself and previous race results.

Hills — Develops the leg power and flexibility that will be needed to support faster running while continuing to develop the aerobic base.


In his native New Zealand, the Legend marathon, lydiarr follows the famous training route followed by Lydiard’s greatest athletes over the Waitekere Ranges west of Auckland, was established in his memory by Zimbabwean-born Ian Winson.

How did it work out for you?

So, in a process of self-experimentation and learning by doing, he invented periodization in running: The first signs of positive results from Lydiard’s visit came when Olavi Suomalainen won the Boston Marathon.

Athletes subsequently coached by him or influenced by his coaching methods included such luminaries as Rod DixonJohn WalkerDick Quax and Dick Tayler. I write about training, mental training, momming, and the odd rant. All of the training elements were already there in the training of Roger Bannisterthe first miler who broke the 4 minute barrier for the mile, but Lydiard increased distance and intensity of training and directed the sport periodisation towards the Olympics and not the breaking runinng records.

Next Lactate Threshold I mean, I never met him he died inaged 87but I just love a good underdog-goes-against-the-grain success story. The 5 Runnung Principles.

Arthur Lydiard

In a nutshell, Lydiard realized that the way runners trained at that time — basically, running hard all the time — was silly non-optimal. Learn more about services from our partners below! Lydiard was forced to leave both countries because of what he perceived as a lack of support for his coaching efforts and the needs of athletes there. For marathon fitness, your total weekly mileage is more important than getting in a miler at all costs. Will it keep you interested?

Super intrigued as well… wonder what my coach Catnip rknning Will your training plan respect your needs, or run roughshod over them? Bowerman in his fifties struggled to keep up with a man twenty years his senior, and following his return to America took jogging to Hayward Field and eventually the masses.


Retrieved from ” https: Horwill also differs from Lydiard in that he believes that all aspects of training must be present in a training programme at any time of the year and periodisation is pydiard matter of simply emphasising one aspect of training such as speed or strength during a particular phase in which all the other training components are present. Arthur Lydiard was amazing! He was inducted into the Order of the White Rose of Finland for his efforts.

We tried to follow the Lydiard principles within that scheme and put together plans with 4, 5, and 6 days a week. Then followed a co-ordination phase of six weeks in which anaerobic work and volume taper off and the athlete races each week, learning from each race to fine-tune himself or herself for the target race.

Only after this spikes were put on and a maximum of four weeks of anaerobic training followed. There are detailed descriptions of how to do the workouts and a recovery adviser which will rate your recovery based on your resting heart rate, weight, and sleep. Anaerobic Development involves one or two interval workouts per week. After the base training phase, Lydiard advocated four to six weeks of strength work.

The Lydiard training pyramid reprinted with permission from the Lydiard Foundation. Aerobic Base Building — a period of aerobic runs run by overall time, not mileage at a variety of paces to develop stamina and a base of conditioning.

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