James Norrod is the President and CEO of Tellabs. to DASAN Networks September forming a $M public company. processes, metrics, training and incident management initiatives utilized to enable success for Tellabs customers. M:Metrics develops on-device metering tools to track content consumption in mobile devices. Tellabs sells equipment to provide backhaul services for mobile TV networks. The survey, conducted by M:Metrics in the United Kingdom.

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Metrics study commissioned by Tellabs.

High-bandwidth services such as mobile TV, combined with the increasing number of mobile users cause strain on backhaul networks.

This capacity crunch can directly affect the quality and reliability of 3G services.

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Password and password confirmation do not match. Former users point to weaknesses in mobile TV services: After price, former mobile users still cite quality and reliability as the second most important reason for their disenchantment.

Tellabs | Tellabs

Yet ex-users grant operators a clear window of opportunity: The UK had the highest ratio of ex-users citing quality and reliability as reasons for not watching mobile TV. The United States has the lowest ratio of ex-users to users, at 1. Yet the attitudes of U.

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